Convocation is an exciting moment to mark the achievements of our freshly graduated students. DY Patil School of Architecture is proud to honour the hard work and accomplishments of our fresh graduates and marks this milestone with a full day Convocation ceremony. All the students who successfully complete the B.Arch or M.Arch degree programs at DY Patil School of Architecture are eligible to participate in the Convocation Ceremony. This ceremony is held once per academic year and it is an opportunity for our graduates to share the happiness of their accomplishment with family, friends and peers.

Alongside many of the esteemed speakers whom you would see at the Convocation Ceremony, we also create opportunities for fresh graduates and the broader DYPSOA community to interact by sharing messages of congratulations, gratitude and inspiration with fellow graduates; by reading some endearing and inspirational stories featuring graduating students, and also by providing access to photo booths to keep a memory of this event.