Study Tour

Study tours are a quintessential part of any architect's course curriculum. We are fully aware that seeing buildings of significant architectural importance first-hand; from historic monuments to modern buildings, will help to motivate our students’ learning experience and subsequently their future careers. Each study tour/site visit is curated with the typical contents of a current education course in mind, providing students with incredibly memorable real-world knowledge and interaction with some of the prominent people from the profession. Our Study Tours include core and optional subjects such as architectural design, structures, construction, history, environmental design and many more, and also allow the students to undertake important research to aid their studies. These study tours allow the students to ponder selflessly, independent of their personal interests, and to absorb the cultures and experiences of various sites/places/cities/states, and then to consider and apply it in their work. At DYPSOA, we encourage Study Tours because they enhance disciplined observation skills, they improve the thought process, they get introduced to the significance of context and most importantly, they help to understand the user’s perspective, by physically witnessing and experiencing it.