Principal's Desk

D Y Patil
Prof. R T Golgire

Friends and young aspiring architects, it is my honour to pen down this message, for a subject which is close to my heart and for which I have a strong passion & deep conviction- education of an Architect. I had always wished to create holistic learning environments so that students will enjoy their five years of Architecture with effective learning process and lay a strong foundation for their career in Architecture. I feel truly blessed to have been given this opportunity by Dr Ajeenkya D Y Patil , eleven years ago in June 2011, to lay the foundations of this School of Architecture.

At D Y Patil School of Architecture, the underlying thought in imparting education was always based on Environment and gearing students towards professional practice. As we included the Master’s Program in Environmental Architecture, research became the third cornerstone of our ethos. Research, Environment and Professional Practice is the foundation of the curriculum of our School which is now a part of ADYP University.

Architecture in itself is experiential and thus to be an Architect the learning environment has to go beyond the Studios. We believe that every second spent by a student in our institute has to be a learning experience. The role of the faculty, the staff and our librarian are very important in creating such a learning environment in which our students thrive and develop a balanced personality and gain confidence to join the profession. We have strived to create an ambience where there is camaraderie amongst the teachers, an easy rapport between the teachers and students and a generally welcoming atmosphere which contributes to excellent learning environments.

I look forward to the future years with optimism and hope. With the support of our efficient and dedicated team of faculty members, practicing Architects, non-teaching staff and enthusiastic students, we shall continue to deliver the best architectural education and work towards taking this institute to greater heights.

On behalf of the faculty and staff I express my heartfelt gratitude to Dr Ajeenkya D Y Patil for his continuous support and trust in us and we laud his vision for the School of Architecture.